Securely Embrace AI

Tibo is an AI Enablement platform that allows you to leverage the power of AI while ensuring the security of sensitive company information. Our browser extension acts as your AI Security Copilot, safeguarding your data before it reaches AI systems.

You just don't know it!

Your staff are using AI

  • 75% of knowledge workers use AI at work today.
  • 78% of AI users are bringing their own AI tools to work.
  • 11% of what employees enter into ChatGPT is confidential and that the average company leaks data into ChatGPT hundreds of times per week.
Microsoft 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report

AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part

Employees want AI, leaders are looking for a path forward.

Tibo's Benefits

Safeguard your business and enable your team

Data Leak Prevention

Data Leak Prevention

Secure your sensitive information from accidental or intentional leaks.

Minimized Risk

Minimized Risk

AI usage insights help reduce security risks with dashboards and reports.

Productivity Boost

Productivity Boost

Empower your team to safely use AI tools for increased efficiency.

Audit Protection

Audit Protection

Efficiently manage compliance, making relevant documentation easily accessible.

Understand how Tibo works

We are here to help

Tibo is a browser extension (available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) which monitors your interaction with Generative AI platforms in real time to ensure that employees do not leak sensitive information (confidential / PII / PCI data) to AI.

01 Discover

Uncover BYO / Shadow AI

We know employees are using AI at work, even if they have not been provided access. Tibo's dashboards allow you to discover who is using AI in your organization and how it is being used - allowing you to gain control.

02 Monitor

Full visibility of risk exposure

Tibo's dashboard provides full visibility into potential risk exposure that it has prevented, allowing for careful reenforcement of your AI security policies and training.

03 Secure

Proactive Data Protection

We monitor all content being shared with the leading Generative AI platforms and provide real-time redaction of sensitive data before it leaves your employees local device, providing peace of mind to you and a frictionless experience to your employees.

04 Train

More productivity, Less Risk

By allowing your employees to securely access AI, your organization will see productivity gains end efficiencies not available to you today.


Need clarification?

What is Tibo?

Tibo is an AI Security Copilot that allows organizations to securely harness the power of Generative AI. It provides in-browser protection that redacts and replaces sensitive data before it leaves the user's device, ensuring data privacy and security.

How does Tibo protect my data?

Tibo monitors your interactions with AI tools and automatically detects sensitive information. It then redacts or replaces this data, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring that confidential information is not exposed.

Why do I need Tibo for my organization?

As AI tools become more integrated into business processes, the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access increases. Tibo helps mitigate these risks by providing a secure environment for using AI, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and protecting your organization's sensitive information.

What types of data can Tibo protect?

Tibo can protect various types of sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, health information and proprietary business data. Our locally deployed Small Language Model can detect and manage a wide range of data types to ensure comprehensive protection.

How does Tibo integrate with existing AI tools?

Tibo is a browser-based extension that seamlessly integrates with leading AI tools used by businesses today. It works in the background to monitor and protect data without disrupting your workflow or requiring extensive setup.

Is Tibo suitable for all industries?

Yes, Tibo is designed to be industry-agnostic. Whether you are in finance, healthcare, legal or any other sector, Tibo can help secure your AI interactions and protect sensitive information.

How do I get started with Tibo?

Getting started with Tibo is easy. You can book a demo through our website and our team will guide you through the setup process and demonstrate how Tibo can enhance your organization's AI security.

What kind of support does Tibo offer?

Tibo offers comprehensive support, including onboarding assistance, user training, and ongoing technical support. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of Tibo and that your data remains secure.

Can Tibo help with regulatory compliance?

Yes, Tibo can help your organization comply with data protection regulations by ensuring that sensitive information is not exposed during AI interactions. This can be particularly valuable for industries with strict compliance requirements, such as healthcare and finance.

Does Tibo have access to my data?

No, your data is processed by our Small Language Model locally on your device. Tibo does not have access to your data, but does receive meta data to build our reports and dashboards for your visibility

Does Tibo have any security accreditations?

We are working towards SOC2 certification and will be happy to discuss our security posture in detail with you. 

What sets Tibo apart from other AI security solutions?

Tibo's unique in-browser approach ensures that data is protected before it leaves the user's device. Additionally, Tibo not only redacts but also replaces sensitive information to prevent AI hallucinations, making it a comprehensive and reliable solution for AI security.

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