Why Executives Should Leverage the Tibo AI Assessment

Discover why executives should leverage the Tibo AI Assessment for comprehensive AI usage insights, risk mitigation, and informed decision-making. Get started today for free!

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, AI adoption is rapidly increasing, bringing both opportunities and challenges. For executives tasked with understanding and managing AI risks within their organizations, having a comprehensive overview of AI usage is crucial. The Tibo AI Assessment is designed to provide this insight, offering significant benefits with zero cost, ease of deployment, and comprehensive reporting. Here’s why you should consider leveraging the Tibo AI Assessment:

Zero Cost

One of the most compelling reasons to leverage the Tibo AI Assessment is that it is entirely free. In an environment where budget constraints often limit the ability to explore new technologies, the Tibo AI Assessment allows organizations to gain valuable insights without financial commitment. This free tool provides a robust solution to understand AI usage and risks, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Ease of Deployment

The Tibo AI Assessment is designed for easy deployment. With a quick and straightforward installation process, the Tibo browser agent can be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s environment. This agent monitors AI interactions in the background without disrupting workflows, ensuring that your team can continue their tasks without interruption. The hassle-free setup means you can start gaining insights almost immediately.

Comprehensive Reporting

Understanding the full scope of AI usage within your organization is essential for effective management and risk mitigation. The Tibo AI Assessment offers comprehensive reporting features that provide detailed insights into AI adoption patterns and potential security risks. Key reporting capabilities include:

  • AI Usage Monitoring: Track which AI tools are being used, including the frequency and duration of use.
  • BYOAI Discovery: Identify how employees are using unsanctioned AI tools (Shadow AI), revealing patterns and trends.
  • Violation Reports: Detect instances where sensitive company or client information has been shared with AI tools, highlighting potential security exposures.
  • Executive Dashboard: Access high-level insights and detailed reports through a user-friendly dashboard, allowing for informed decision-making.

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Gain a clear understanding of how AI tools are utilized across your organization, enabling better oversight and management.
  2. Proactive Risk Management: Identify and address security vulnerabilities before they become major issues, protecting your organization from data breaches and compliance violations.
  3. Informed Decision-Making: Use data-driven insights to shape your AI strategy, ensuring that AI adoption aligns with business goals and regulatory requirements.


For executives grappling with understanding AI risks in their organizations, the Tibo AI Assessment offers a powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy solution. By leveraging this tool, you can gain valuable insights into AI usage, identify potential security risks, and make informed decisions to enhance your AI strategy.

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