Empowering employees to access Generative AI safely and securely

At Tibo, we believe in empowering organizations to harness the transformative power of Generative AI securely and confidently. Founded on the principle that innovation should never come at the expense of security, we provide a seamless AI security solution that protects sensitive data without hindering productivity. Our mission is to ensure that businesses can fully embrace AI's potential while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and integrity.

By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, Tibo acts as your AI Security Copilot, safeguarding your digital interactions and enabling you to innovate fearlessly.


Meet our leadership


Peng Zhao

Peng is a serial entrepreneur with a decade of experience building startups. Prior to Tibo, Peng co-found Hyper.sh, an open-source startup dedicated to build secure container runtime technology to bring Serverless experience to containers (AWS Fargate, Google Cloud Run). He also founded VisualOps, one of the earliest cloud management vendors for AWS. Peng’s passion for product, technology and user experience leads him to the new territory of AI.



Daragh McGrath

Daragh is an experienced business executive with a passion for driving growth and building meaningful businesses that have a focus on employee experience. He has dedicated his career to the dynamic world of sales, business development and entrepreneurship. With a track record in this space spanning over 15 years, built on an earlier career as an engineer building internet scale systems, he has had the privilege of wearing various hats, from leading high-performing sales teams to successfully building and scaling businesses as a founder and CEO. Daragh has also lived in 6 countries which provides him with a strong global perspective.

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